Does your favorite game of all time suck by today’s standards?

So many times over the years, I’ve had the same conversation over and over about videogames.  Someone will tell me what their favorite game of all time is, but normally they sell it as The Greatest Game of All TIME!!!  
My inner jerk wants me to argue everything they say.  Not because I disagree with them, but to challenge their opinion and ask, “Is it nostalgia talking?  Or was this truly one of the timeless greats that we should speak of in legend five more console generations from now?”

I’m going to try writing a series called “Still a Gem?” Where I will revisit past reviews or impressions, and then whenever possible, replay a game and decide if it has withstood the tests of time, and still truly is the classic that it has been touted as.  

I’m not going for a clickbait article where I hate on everyone’s favorites, but it WILL be opinionated and comment discussion will make this a great way to determine, as fans, what makes a true classic.

I already have two games in the pipeline, but any suggestions in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

The Nintendo Switch.  Post Launch Mayhem.

I’ve never been a huge Nintendo fan myself.  They have always been very popular without my help.  But as a videogame company in 2017, is team Mario really bringing their ‘A’ game to take on the giants of Sony, Microsoft, and PC gaming?

In my 9-5 life I deal with Videogames daily.  I can say that of all the gaming communities, Nintendo has the loyalist, and most passionate fans.  Second to none.  I worked the launch of the Switch, and I can say, it was a monster day.  Sold out in no time, the Switch looks on the surface to be an instant success.

Zelda, Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece title to lead the charge with a damn near perfect score

But how about the other 4 retail lunch games?  A collection of mini games (classic Nintendo launch title – high on fun, weak on substance), a fun puzzle game that could have been a mobile game, and two ports of Christmas games that have been out for months on other platforms.  Maybe I’m being far too critical, but that feels like pretty slim pickings for a blockbuster launch.

My criticisms of Nintendo have also been part of what makes them so damn charming as a company – they always do their own thing.  I thought that whole motion control gimmick with the Wii would fail.  I was wrong.  I figured that they hadn’t properly communicated what the WiiU was and alienated their new casual fans while not catering enough to their core fans with their last system.  I was….. Not entirely wrong.

My worry is, with the smoke now clearing, how long can Zelda hold down the fans?   With a system priced more expensive than its competitors and over six weeks until the next “sure thing” first party title, can team Mario convince the critics sitting on the fence (like me) that this is the next big thing. 

I would love for them to prove me wrong again, but I don’t know.  I guess time will tell.

While I refuse to look up actual stats (because I’m not entirely sure where they are coming from, and therefore aren’t trustworthy in my books), I have found after a week that Switch ownership seems to fall into 2 categories.

  1.  Total joy and contentment.  Everyone I know that owns one adores it.  Zelda is more than enough to keep them happy.  Success with excitement of what’s to come.
  2. People who have had varying issues who feel that they have somehow exposed the new “Red Ring of Death” and are taking to all forms on social media to rage about it!  😡

Sorry number twos.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t looked up any stats, but I haven’t heard of any consistent problem.  Part of early adopters syndrome with anything tech is, you may get to test the manufacturer warranty.  That’s why it’s there.  Until I start seeing videos everywhere of these things pulling a Galaxy Note 7 , I’m happy to see a new system on the block here to stay.