Part 2:  Researching a Two Year Commitment.

So, contrary to popular belief, 9-5 retail workers that write blogs with less that a dozen posts do not have unlimited cashflow to throw around at random, so when my cellphone died four days before my contract was up, I had already been in research mode, and managed to move reletivly quickly and keep those sweet “don’t forget milk on your way home” texts and all the social media meme posts rolling with little interruption.  I was looking for the best bang for my buck, considering there wasn’t a lot of buck to bang with, and one can end up spending a TON of money for almost nothing in return in the cellphone industry very easily.

Two years, or 730 days and 24 bills to pay.

In Canada, a subsidized phone plan is now a maximum two year contract.  While laws have changed here, and I’ve been keeping up with them through a really good Canadian tech site,, you are no longer tied to your two year contract, but should you choose to walk from your commitment, you are stuck with the remaining amount owing on your phone, which if you want a decent device will soak you for a lot of money.  So, my mindset was whatever deal I ended up signing of the dotted line for, I was stuck with for the long haul.

Its not just a Canadian site per say. Its also a really good tech blog as well.

I looked at this whole thing with my personal budget in mind, and without divulging specific numbers, I determined I was either going to get the plan I wanted with a phone I could live with, or the phone I wanted, with a plan I could live with.  My budget couldn’t afford both.

It didn’t take me long to realize the choice for me was a phone I’d love with a plan I could live with.  I use my phone for everything, and honestly didn’t need a ton of minutes or data, so why would I go for a compromise phone and a kick-ass plan?

I hit up several Android phone websites, my favorite being here.  Sifting through all the options and pricelists has always been daunting.  Then there is always the sad realization that I have to convert the $US into $Canadian, and suddenly something I thought was in my price range is no longer even close.

Lots of Android sites/blogs. Not many as good as this one.

Once I found something I could be excited about, YouTube reviews were the next step for me.  Seeing my potential tech partner in action with someone’s professional (?) opinion narrating in the background was a solid level of quality control in my books.  I found it important to watch several different reviewers, as with some products, opinions varied on different issues or features and being as my budget told me I could not have all things, I would need to pay close attention to what I was ok sacrificing, and what was a red flag no go issue for me.

I’m happy to say, I found my new phone.  We are a few weeks into this wild ride, and I’m ready to take my own spin on a review.

But that’s part 3.

Thanks for reading!  Do you take picking a new phone as seriously as I do?  Or is it just your same phone with a bigger number on it?  Let me know in the comments.

Part 1:  Good bye Lg G3.  You were a true friend.

Blue screened before your time…

So I haven’t written anything in some time.  Months have gone by and my ambitious little startup blog now has an inch of dust on top of it.  I’ve been meaning to get back to this for some time, but 9-5 life seems to have a way of distracting me from my hobbies.

One large speed bump was the death of my trusty cellphone, which was also my only link to WordPress and this blog. (Before you ask, yes, I have a PC, but it’s circa 2003 and loaded up with Windows Vista.  It terrifies me every time I boot it up.  Its 25 minute boot time, and demands for blood sacrifices and my credit card information have all but frightened me away for good.)

Can’t blue screen if you don’t have any blue. Go Windows Vista.

My trusty phone died sadly, logging into my WordPress account, to check on my stats and schedule another story.  In one fateful click, the screen went blue, and it was over.  Oh I checked, and it can be fixed, but at a cost far exceeding what I was willing to pay for a two year old phone.  Sorry, I mean a year and 361 day old phone.  Why did you have to die 4 days before my contact was up?!?!?

I probably could have handled your death better.

I was lucky enough that my provider let me slide on the four days, even though I ended up with another provider after my research (which had already been going on for several weeks at this point) brought me to a better plan, and my new phone, but that’s all in Part 2.

What’s your cellphone horror story?  Was your favorite stolen?  Maybe a fate met with a toilet?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!