Part 1:  Good bye Lg G3.  You were a true friend.

Blue screened before your time…

So I haven’t written anything in some time.  Months have gone by and my ambitious little startup blog now has an inch of dust on top of it.  I’ve been meaning to get back to this for some time, but 9-5 life seems to have a way of distracting me from my hobbies.

One large speed bump was the death of my trusty cellphone, which was also my only link to WordPress and this blog. (Before you ask, yes, I have a PC, but it’s circa 2003 and loaded up with Windows Vista.  It terrifies me every time I boot it up.  Its 25 minute boot time, and demands for blood sacrifices and my credit card information have all but frightened me away for good.)

Can’t blue screen if you don’t have any blue. Go Windows Vista.

My trusty phone died sadly, logging into my WordPress account, to check on my stats and schedule another story.  In one fateful click, the screen went blue, and it was over.  Oh I checked, and it can be fixed, but at a cost far exceeding what I was willing to pay for a two year old phone.  Sorry, I mean a year and 361 day old phone.  Why did you have to die 4 days before my contact was up?!?!?

I probably could have handled your death better.

I was lucky enough that my provider let me slide on the four days, even though I ended up with another provider after my research (which had already been going on for several weeks at this point) brought me to a better plan, and my new phone, but that’s all in Part 2.

What’s your cellphone horror story?  Was your favorite stolen?  Maybe a fate met with a toilet?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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